Whitetail deer in Saskatchewan range from 120-200 class B&C point bucks. Not everyone will harvest an animal each year. Many of our returning clients will turn down a 150-160 class deer because they have taken a bigger animal in the past and are looking for “the big one!” I always say that I will be disappointed if I cannot show you a 140+ deer, but we have to remember that it is a fair chase hunt and weather does affect the deer’s movement.

We have both typical and non-typical deer. Northern Pride Outfitters has a winter feeding program that helps keep the deer in the area and ensures the deer maintain good health even during the long, cold winter months. All of our hunting areas have baits that will accommodate all ages and physical ability so we can accommodate hunters from 12-80+ years young.

We have may different types of stands that include: pop-up tents, enclosed huts, climbers, loungers, ladder and lock-on stands. We typically hunt out of tents and enclosed huts during the late season. You will spend the whole day in your stand so it’s very important to be prepared for the cold. We have several ‘Mr. Buddy Heaters’ and a few body heater bags available on really cold days. We provide radios so you can communicate between guides and hunters if needed. Cell phones work in the Meadow Lake area, but service in the local baits is often hit and miss.

DRESS CODE – If you are hunting whitetail with a bow in October you can wear camouflage. If you are hunting with a bow in November during rifle season you must wear orange, white or red. During the November hunt everyone must wear white, red or orange jacket or an orange vest. You will need warm red or orange head gear. Snow camouflage is not considered legal.

Hunts at Northern Pride Outfitters are 6 days long or a combination hunt for 10 days. We suggest you fly into Saskatoon, Saskatchewan or Edmonton, Alberta on Saturday and travel to camp on Sunday afternoon. Transportation to camp is not included in the price of your hunt. We do have a 13 passenger van and will pick up groups in Saskatoon only and return them the next Saturday. There will be an extra cost for this service.

Our hunts are in US Dollars and include taxes, tags, excellent home cooked meals, hide and horn prep. We also have an area to process meat and freezers so you can take meat home if you wish.

We also offer a 10 day deer/bear combo in the fall. Both Bow and Muzzle Loader hunts in late September and October. The Rifle hunts run from November 1 – December 7 each year.